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Recanto Sao Francisco Orphanage Visit.

Some Tablers recently paid a visit MG and spent the day with the kids from the Orphanage. Click on house for Photos and story

pic1 Casa de Assistencia Maria Helena Paulina (CMHP)

CMHP is a temporary home for children who come from all over Brazil to São Paulo (accompanied by one parent) to be treated for cancer at the only major state hospital specialised in this field which will treat children without money. Without this treatment they would almost certainly die, although even so there is quite a high mortality rate of the children in the home.

They receive no help whatsoever from the state and rely totally on donations plus the proceeds of occasional fund raising events. logo The home is a house in a lower middle class area, which was not designed for the purpose of accommodating up to forty children and forty adults. The living room has been converted into a bedroom and another living room built in front of the house but there is still only one bathroom.

They are at present building a further extension but have a general lack of funds so work is being carried out sporadically. pic

The house offers everything the children need including food, medication and a bit of educational instruction including personal hygiene. The children that come each have their own type of problem - there are cases of cancer in the eye, the head, and the shoulder and in fact all types of cancer, both malignant and benign. The children are treated for chemotherapy and neurotherapy

pic 4 Their major cost is specialised medicines, which is an item that cannot be donated by the general public and is at present purchased without any particular subsidy.
This is probably their greatest funding problem. Because of the money spent on medicines, there are occasional food shortages in the home but in general they are able to get donations from shops and people in the local area.

The other main problem area is the cost of the minibus and ambulance, which for them are essential to take the children to school and hospital. Both are in reasonably good shape but even so the running costs (especially insurance) are a big drain on their finances.

make a donation Associação Batista de Incentivo e Apoio ao Homem (ABIAH)

ABIAH are a group of British Baptist missionaries who are working in some of the small shantytowns ("favelas") in Sao Paulo. Their focus is principally in the area of childrens' health care and pre-school education in a number of favelas which are too small (5,000 to 10,000 people) pic 6 to support the necessary infrastructure or receive state funding. Without their assistance the children below the age of 6 would receive no formal education and would be lacking all but rudimentary health care. pic 7

They are currently operating ten pre-schools with about 400 pupils between the ages of 5 and 7 and need about USD 200 a year to provide for each child education, nourishment and health care. The main source of funding at present is an "Adopt a child" scheme whereby individuals and organizations pay to sponsor a child through the pre-schools. In addition they have a mobile pre-school in a bus purchased for them by the C&A Foundation which goes to small favelas for periods of up to 6 months after which a permanent school is set-up or they pull out.

However, at this point in time their income is not covering their expenditure and they are having to cut back on the number of pupils and/or teachers and/or services provided and are also considering taking the mobile pre-school off the road. pic 7 Whilst they are a religious organization, it is not a requirement that children or their parents are members of the organization to take advantage of the benefits offered.


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