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Espresso coffee machines for the office.
Your Home away from home. Ex pat pub
Books about Brazil

A list of all the Newspapers & Mags on line around the world.
The spam letterS
A collection of Spams and Scams

How to Good-Bye Depression :
If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday.

They are joking right? click on book and find out

The Darwin Award Homepage. Locate a Webcam.

Check out the latest weather in Europe.
with Satellite Images updated every 2 hours

check it out

It's hard to believe the Engrish masquerading as real English over in Japan. It can be seen on signs, people's jackets, t-shirts and shopping bags, in menus and on TV. But nowhere is it more prevalent than on the various consumer products found in convenience stores and supermarkets. has amassed a collection of such Engrish here for your viewing pleasure. Make sure to check back every WEEK (or so) and get your fill of new Engrish!!

The Skeptic's Dictionary
over 338 skeptical definitions and essays on occult, paranormal,supernatural and pseudoscientific deas and practices with references to the best skeptical literature

Dave Barr Motivational Speaker
Dave( a visitor to RT Brasil) who lost both legs in a land mine accident, currently holds the Guinness world record for riding around the world on a motorcycle. A harley Davison by the way.


Tips to Success at Work

Online History Classes

Calculator Collection
Understanding and Controlling Your Finances

Who Invented the Light Bulb
If your answer is Thomas Eddison then you would be wrong .

internet time machine Wayback machine
Check out this cool site. Just enter the website address of any site and you can see how the site looked from its start up until the present day. The only question this bring up is, wHO and WHY is this information been stored? Pages that I thought had been consigned to the bin long ago can be found here.



what's real and what's a hoax Virus wise

Don't want to be in the dark in during power cuts? check out this story about a wind up radio and flash light

The Rough Guide to Brazil
click here to order book
Book Description :
Brazilians often say they live in a continent rather than a country,and that's an excusable exaggeration. The landmass is bigger than the USA if you exclude Alaska; the journey from Recife in the east to the western border with Peru is longer than that from London to Moscow, and the distance between the northern and southern borders is about the same as that between NY & LA. Brazil has no mountains as such but in every...


Graham Hancock best selling author of Finger prints of the gods has a website with an intresting collection of news items

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Book Description :
GH reveals the true origins of civilization. Connecting puzzling clues scattered throughout the world, Hancock discovers compelling evidence of a technologically and culturally advanced civilization that was destroyed and obliterated from human memory.

Buy Rio de Janeiro at
Buy A Brazilian poster

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