A word from the President
Chairman 2006
President 2004-200?

The Round Table stands for many things, all of which are very positive, but none of thes objectives would be possible without the support of all the members.

So I would like to thank all the members of the table, for their continued efforts to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate than ourselves.

These efforts can always benefit from new blood, and I would like to encourage all those interested in helping us to further those aims to get in touch, and hopefully become a member.

I look forward to our meetings this year and hope that these meeting will include many new friends.

      President Vice-President Secretary Treasurer Immediate past president Charity secretary
2002-2004 Jermyn Smith Webmaster Eric Schlossernone Fred
2000-2002 Gavin Murrell Jermyn SmithJohn Housley Eric SchlosserFrederik Hoogendijk Mark Draycott
1999 - 2000 Frederik Hoogendijk Martijn van Hellemondt Gavin Murrell Christiaan Lageweg David Green George Godward
1998 - 1999 David Green Frederik Hoogendijk Adrian Lee / George Godward Dominic ? / Spencer Lodge Martijn van Hellemondt George Godward
1997 - 1998 David Green Anthony McCarthy Adrian Lee Frederik Hoogendijk Martijn van Hellemondt George Godward
1996 - 1997 Martijn van Hellemondt David Green Hans Diederen Monte Brokate N/A David Gilman
1995 - 1996 Jonathan Rogers / Martijn van Hellemondt Martijn van Hellemondt / David Green Christian Brenninikmeijer Mark Burr N/A David Gilman
1994 - 1995 Jonathan Rogers   Michael Berg Huw George N/A  
1993 - 1994 Nigel Clark       N/A  
1992 - 1993 Mike Croghan       N/A  
1991 - 1992 Mike Croghan       N/A  
1990 - 1991         N/A  

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