cappuccino machines for the office and home stratos Super Automaticas espresso coffee machinestratos Super Automatica Maquina do cafe expresso
stratos Super Automaticas espresso coffee machinestratos Super Automaticas espresso coffee machine

Epresso coffee machines for the office

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coffee machines ideal for the small office serves up to 2 espresso within 30 seconds
* Made in Italy
* Digital Display in English or Portuguese
* Steam wand ideal for tea and hot milk to make chocolate or cappuccinos.
* Can produce up to 2cups of coffee simultaneously
* Removable dump bin
* 300g coffee bean receptacle
* Adjustable Grinder
* Body: ABS plastic
* cup warmer
* Water reservoir ( removable) 2.4 lts
* Color: Silver
* Weight 13 kg
* Dimensions: 390 x 425 x 390
* easy to maintain and clean
On site technical assistance provide by Bluker a Brazilian company with more than 30 years experience in the coffee machine market.
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