História da Bluker

first broucher circa 1970

Blukers fist catalogue circa 1973

trade show 1997

Feira FISPAL 1997

maquina spaziale c2008

** Os primeiros equipamentos profissionais foram instalados nos anos de 1950 **

So what is a Bluker? This is a question we have been asked many times. Atillo bought the comapany along with the name .
It seems that one of the orginal owners of the company was a miltary buff and named the company after Gebhard Leberecht von Blucher (Bluker) a Prussian General who´s support of Wellington at Waterloo significantly contributed to the final defeat of Napoleon.


O Que e "Cafe Expresso ?"
A Cafe forte fazendo por forcing auga quente pressurizado atraves de moinhoda cafe torrarado.
Bluker maquinas de cafe expressoBluker maquinas de cafe expresso

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