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Fabricadas pela empresa Italiana La Spaziale

LA SPAZIALE was founded in 1969 by a group of professionals and experts with an outstanding experience since 1947 in the Espresso Coffee Machines branch. This long experience has been of basic importance for the production of La Spaziale due to their attention towards the final users asking for an excellent "Cup of Espresso Coffee."

Reliability and versatility have always been the two winning cards of the La Spaziale business philosophy. La Spaziale believes, in fact , that advanced technology must go hand in hand with simplicity, practical utility, little after-sale service, easy maintenance & access to all components, rich variety of models, superb build quality, and convenience.

Starting from their first models, La Spaziale became more and more conscious of the good working method they had undertaken, based on high quality and reliability.

The special patent for the steam thermoregulation of the group unit, which enables to obtain coffee always at the same serving temperature, has given a high quality level that can be distinguished from all the other products on the market.

Today the whole range of La Spaziale is already present all over the world and this has only been possible by taking into account all the particular requirements and demands of each foreign market, while offering a very high quality, a wide and refined variety of models, a good technical training program and a precious cooperation between technicians and distributors.

The results obtained through these years are evidence of the quality level showed by La Spaziale and are confirmed by its entry with approvals and certificates in foreign markets as Europe, U.S.A., Central America and South America, North Africa, Asia etc, satisfying all the strictest regulations.

RELIABILITY and VERSATILITY thus come together in La Spaziale's highly refined and exclusive design products in which aesthetics and practicality blend perfectly.

Para reforçar presença no mercado brasileiro de café expresso, a italiana La Spaziale lançou uma linha de máquinas S5, que usam sistema de troca de calor, situado entre a caldeira e o grupo erogador, funcionando com vapor circulante ao invés de água. Esse sistema permite, segundo a empresa, um alto rendimento e aproveitamento de energia A S5 EP traz a tecnologia e os recursos da nossa tradicional EP, aliada ao design de última geração.


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